Nightshift Garage Summer Showcase 6/30/18
Fundraiser for Hadley Gray Family, Race cars, and Supercar and drifting ride alongs with E10 Drift
Nightshift Garage hosted a massive show at the Bristol Motorspeedway alongside E10 Drift on June 30th. The theme for this show was Roadrace cars and Track days with supercar ridealongs for donations. Nightshift Garage had several race cars on hand from street cars with safety equipment, to street cars converted to track cars, all the way up to full blown World Challenge race cars. Drivers were also on site to talk to spectators. Nightshift garage had several events throughout the night like car limbo, Exhaust competition, the Help me Tom Cruise escape challenge, and rides in supercars and drift cars with E10 drift all night long. Nightshift garage was able to raise around $2500 for the Hadley family while hosting a spectacular event and one of the most fun filled evenings to date.

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